Great American Framing Company


Left: Textile vest in a shodow box.       Right: Diploma, wood frame, double mat.

Botanical collection from WWII era, wood shadow box frame, multi-opening mat.

Left: Rock concert memorabilia in a shodow box.       Right: Original B&W photograph, wood frame, double mat.

Two prints, wood frames, spacers, archival drymounting.

Left: Lithograph floated in a shodow box.       Right: Color print, wood frame, single mat.

Two prints for an office, metal frames, mats, archival drymounting.

Left: Watercolor floated in rustic wood frame with spacers.       Right: Two watercolors, wood frames, single mats.

Two prints floated in wood frames with spacers.

Left: Antique fishing lure in a shadow box frame.       Right: Print on watercolor paper, wood frame, single mat.

Left: Antique poster in black frame with spacers.       Right: Oil painting on canvas, wood frame.

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